02.12 Igor Titenko „Radio Wostok 2- Escape of an African from Siberia“ @ Machbarschaft 103 20:30Uhr

Konzertort: Machbarschaft 103, Oesterholzstr. 103, 44145 Dortmund

Igor Titenko „Escape of an African from Siberia“

The author of the project, multi-instrumentalist Igor Titenko gathers a new team of musicians in each city. The format of the project is improvisation on the script. The script Radio Vostok-2 consists of the story of an African Mosley Otangy and his friend, a Gypsy Roma Black that in the 90-ies of the last century stolen a locomotive. They drove 1000 miles in winter in Siberia, that Mosley could meet his little sister.

Igor Titenko (concept, text, leader, trumpet, saxes, flutes), Elisa Giovannetti (narrator), Anke Ames (viola, voice), Guido Schlösser (accordeon, korg-organ), Jens Pollheide (e-bass, flute), Roland Borch (trombone) und Stefanie Janssen (voc)