13.10 Yuri Mahatma Quartet feat. Dian Pratiwi @ Wohnzimmer Live am Piepenstock 20Uhr

Yuri Mahatma Quartet
Dian Pratiwi

Konzertort: Wohnzimmer am Piepenstock in der Musikschule Crescendo, Schildstraße 1 in 44263 Dortmund. Eintritt frei, um Spende wird gebeten.

Yuri Mahatma Quartet „Straight And Stretch“ feat. Dian Pratiwi

Born in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, jazz guitarist and composer Yuri Mahatma locates himself in the straight-ahead jazz / post-bop tradition. Beeing influenced by his sister, a professional jazz singer herself, he started playing the guitar by the age of 14. Later on Yuri had a chance to study with the famous Dutch jazz guitarist, Martijn van Iterson in Leiden, Netherlands during 1991.
Residing now in the island of Bali, Indonesia, Yuri performs both nationally and internationally.

The Yuri Mahatma Quartet was formed in 2017 and is actually touring with it’s program “Straight and Stretch”. The program is enriched with traditional Balinese rhythmical folkloric elements and their blending into the straight-ahead jazz tradition. It’s about finding beauty besides musical boundaries.

The Yuri Mahatma Quartet consists of: Yuri Mahatma – git; Astrid Sulaiman – piano; Helmy Agustrian – bass; Gustu Brahmanta – drums and is featured by Dian Pratiwi – voice.